Lot 3B Highway 4, Telford, (MLS® 202322550) RE/MAX nova
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Lot 3B Highway 4, Telford

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Nestled within the gentle embrace of rolling countryside, this magnificent 37-acre parcel is a testament to the tranquil charm of rural living. Tucked away in a secluded and peaceful enclave, it is a mere 12-minute drive from the heart of New Glasgow, and a mere 20-minute journey from the charming town of Antigonish. Here, you'll find the essence of country living at its very finest, a place where the soul finds solace in the whispering breeze and the song of the meadowlarks. The beauty of this land is its ability to offer a haven of serenity while being in close proximity to essential amenities. A nearby school for the young ones, a quaint church to seek solace, and the shimmering promise of fishing adventures just a stone's throw away; these are the threads of a quintessential country life woven into this landscape. For those with aspirations as vast as the open skies above, this canvas of possibilities beckons you to build your estate-like home, where the architecture of your dreams can take root in this fertile soil. But the charm doesn't end there – this sprawling expanse is equally suited for those with a yearning for the land. Here, you can cultivate your very own hobby farm, embracing the pastoral joys of life tending to the earth and reaping the rewards of your labor. And for the ambitious visionary, the opportunity to subdivide this acreage into smaller lots and create a thriving subdivision awaits. The possibilities are truly boundless, allowing your imagination to carve a legacy on this generous canvas. In every inch of this countryside haven, there exists a tapestry of dreams waiting to be spun. It's a place where nature's embrace meets the promise of opportunity, where the tranquil heart of the country beats in harmony with the spirit of ambition. Welcome to your haven in the countryside, where endless possibilities stretch before you like the open horizon.

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Lot 3B Highway 4, Telford, B0K 1G0

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Demographic data is based on the dissemination area that contains the listing parcel . Dissemination Areas are small areas composed of one or more neighbouring dissemination blocks. All of Canada is divided into dissemination areas. Data source: Environics Analytics via ArcGIS Online, 2021

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Tax Assessment

Year Amount % Change
2023 $13,300 ---
2022 $13,300 ---
2021 $13,300 ---
2020 $13,300 ---
2019 $13,300 ---
2018 $13,300 ---
2017 $13,300 ---
2016 $12,600 ---
2015 $12,600 ---
2014 $12,600 ---
2013 $12,600 ---
2012 $11,400 ---


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