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Working with an Industry Member

Within the Province of Nova Scotia as dictated by the Nova Scotia Real Estate Trading Act (RETA) and the Nova Scotia Real Estate Commission (NSREC), all representation agreements must be documented in writing along with all real estate transactions. The framework which executes these regulations is called “Agency”. There are three basic forms of Agency consumers may enter into with a Brokerage such as RE/MAX nova; “Client Relationships” and “Customer Relationships” and “Transaction Brokerage”. The following excerpt from the NSREC publication Working with a Real Estate Industry Member explains the difference in representations:


The “Brokerage (Agent)” is the real estate company under which the individual Salesperson or Associate Broker is licensed.

The “client/principal” is someone who has engaged a Brokerage in an agency relationship to act for, and on their behalf, either to buy or sell real estate.

The “customer” is a person who has not engaged a Brokerage to act for, and on their behalf, either to buy or sell real estate.

“Industry Member” refers to a person who is licensed under the Real Estate Trading Act to trade in real estate.

The “Nova Scotia Real Estate Commission's” mandate is to ensure consumer confidence by establishing standards for applicants and Industry Members in the real estate industry, which will promote higher standards of professionalism, competence, and integrity.

1. Customer Relationship

You may also choose to use the services of a Industry Member without any kind of agency relationship. This might occur, for example, when the seller’s representative is showing you a property.

In this relationship, the Industry Member has a legal and ethical duty to provide you with accurate and honest answers to questions and can provide you with all of the following services:

  • explain real estate terms and practices
  • provide and explain forms used
  • identify and estimate costs involved in a transaction
  • prepare offers or counter offers at your direction
  • present all offers promptly

An Industry Member who is not representing you cannot:

  • recommend or suggest a price other than that given by the seller
  • negotiate on your behalf
  • inform you of the client’s top/bottom line; and disclose any confidential information about the client unless specifically authorized to do so

You should not provide an Industry Member who is not your representative with any information that you would not provide directly to the other party

2. Client Relationship

Real Estate Industry Members work within a legal relationship called agency. The agency relationship exists between you, the client/principal, and the brokerage with whom the Industry Member representing you is licensed. The essence of the agency relationship is that the brokerage has the authority to represent you in dealings with others.

Brokerages are legally obligated to protect and promote your interests as if they were their own. Your Industry Member has the following duties:

  • to protect and promote your negotiating position at all times, and disclose all known facts to you which may affect or influence your decision (undivided loyalty)
  • to obey all your lawful instructions
  • to keep your confidences
  • to exercise reasonable care and skill in performing all assigned duties to account for all money and property placed in their possession while acting on your behalf

Your Industry Member will also:

  • explain real estate terms and practices
  • provide and explain forms used
  • identify and estimate costs involved in a transaction
  • negotiate on your behalf
  • prepare offers or counter offers at your direction
  • present all offers promptly
3. Transaction Brokerage/ Facilitation

Transaction Brokerage/ Facilitation occurs when a real estate brokerage or designated agent is representing both the buyer and the seller as clients in the same transaction. Because the brokerage or designated agent has promised a duty of confidentiality, loyalty and full disclosure to both clients simultaneously, it is necessary, if both clients consent, to limit these duties in this situation.

The Industry Member will, for both the buyer and seller:

  • explain real estate terms and practices
  • provide and explain forms used
  • identify and estimate costs involved in a transaction
  • prepare offers or counter offers at your direction
  • present all offers promptly

Under this relationship, the Industry Member cannot:

  • recommend or suggest a price other than that given by the seller
  • recommend to the buyer what they should offer
  • negotiate on either parties behalf
  • inform either party of the other’s top/bottom line
  • disclose any confidential information about the other party unless specifically authorized to do so
Two Agency Models

There are two different agency models practiced by brokerages in Nova Scotia: Common Law Agency and Designated Agency. The Industry Member reviewing this brochure with you will indicate which model their brokerage uses:

1. Common Law Agency

Under this model, all Industry Members working for the brokerage have an agency relationship with the seller, which means that they all legally represent the seller under the common law. If you, as a buyer, have entered into a relationship with an Industry Member working with this brokerage as a client, and are interested in negotiating on a property offered for sale by this brokerage, you would normally enter into a transaction brokerage relationship, as described in this brochure. If you have not had a previous relationship with an Industry Member of this brokerage, you would be provided services as a customer as described in this brochure.

2. Designated Agency

This model allows for a seller to be represented by a specific Industry Member, rather than the whole brokerage. This means that all Industry Members at the brokerage do not represent every seller listed with the brokerage. This model also allows a buyer to be represented by their own Industry Member in any negotiations that they may do, regardless of whether the property they are interested in is listed with that brokerage or another one. This is called designated agency because the brokerage designates that the Industry Members represent specific buyers or sellers. Should the same Industry Member happen to represent both a buyer and seller that end up wanting to negotiate, then that Industry Member would normally act as a transaction facilitator for the purposes of the real estate transaction.

In both situations described above where transaction brokerage is offered, and either the buyer or seller insist on full representation, they would have to get representation from another brokerage in the case of the Common Law model or from another Designated Agent at their brokerage in the case of the Designated Agency model. They also have the option of having their lawyer represent them.


Industry Members recognize and respect the privacy expectations of today's consumers and the requirements of applicable federal law.

Industry Members believe that making you aware of how your personal information will be used and to whom it is disclosed will form the basis of a relationship of trust between you and your Industry Members. Your informed consent is required for the collection, use and retention of personal information.

For further information on the Real Estate Industry in Nova Scotia, contact NSREC: 7 Scarfe Court Suite 200, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1W4. Phone: (902) 468-3511

Your Relationship with RE/MAX nova

As a licensed real estate brokerage, RE/MAX nova is obligated to inform you about the types of relationships that you may choose to have with a brokerage. These underlined terms in this section are defined in the section above titled “Working with an Industry Member.”

Access and use of the Site by you means you are a Customer of RE/MAX nova. Access and use of the Site or the Content by you does not constitute the provision of advice by, create agency with, or make you a Client of RE/MAX nova. You may choose to become a Client of RE/MAX nova but only through a signed representation agreement prepared by a RE/MAX nova Associate Broker or Salesperson. Without a signed representation agreement, RE/Max nova through its licensed agents cannot provide advice to you or create an agency relationship with you.

RE/MAX nova is a Designated Agency Brokerage.

By accepting below, you acknowledge the following:

  • You have read and understand your relationship with RE/MAX nova as outlined in this section and the section titled “Working with an Industry Member”;
  • You understand that you are a Customer of RE/MAX nova through access and use of the Site;
  • You may choose to become a Client of RE/MAX nova upon signing a representation agreement with RE/MAX nova; and
  • You understand that RE/MAX nova is a Designated Agency Brokerage.

Disclaimer of Warranties

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