Spryfield Overview

Spryfield is located South just outside the downtown core of Halifax adjacent from the Herring Cove and Purcell’s Cove areas.  Spryfield is a self sufficient community, mainly accessible by the Herring Cove and Old Sambro Roads. It’s population has grown in recent years to more than 12,000. 

There are several Lakes, Parks and recreational areas located within and around Spryfield, as well as sports facilities to accommodate most. Spryfield has a generally self contained school system for grades primary to high-school, each can also provide french immersion.  

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Spryfield Highlights

Within Spryfield there is a Sobeys grocery store, several drugstores, some retail shops, and several restaurants of varying types. Most residents however for a larger selection would commute to one of the following locations which are only 10 minutes away. 

Bayer’s Lake Retail Park: This park is one of Metro’s primary shopping, entertainment, and dining destinations. Large open air shopping malls and large stand alone chain stores abound. 17 stadium style theatres are located here along with an IMAX, a dozen family style restaurants, Chapters, Outlet stores, etc.

The Halifax Shopping Center: The Second largest Shopping Centre in metro, along with its annex across the street, will satisfy most of your shopping needs.

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