St Croix Cove Road, Port Lorne, (MLS® 202218685) RE/MAX nova

St Croix Cove Road, Port Lorne

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The best way to describe this property is MAGICAL. It is truly a rare find! 18 acres of well spaced, mossy, mature forest that entices exploration as the sunlight highlights the natural wonders of nature. Listening to the birds sing and the wind rustle the leaves of the mixed hardwood trees makes you wonder if you're in 1822 instead of 2022. Part of the property was previously home to lush gardens made possible by the natural spring. But the most special feature is just a short walk from the main road - a wide brook with large flat stones that is home to a raging waterfall 3 seasons of the year. This is Granville Line Brook Falls and the brook runs right to the Bay of Fundy. The waterfall and gorge are fully on this property. In the hot summer months, the rocks are fully exposed and easy to walk on. You can traverse the creek bed to the point where it forms a deep gorge and even beyond - following it all the way to the ocean. The fresh, clean water pools in large bathtub sized hollows in the rocks, making it the ideal spot for private bathing or a great place for your dogs to swim. When you visit this property you won't want to leave - it pulls you in! The location is ideal with over 1500 feet of road front on a public, paved road and just 5 minutes from the popular Hampton Beach and Lighthouse. It is close to all amenities - just 15 minutes to Bridgetown and Middleton and 30 minutes to the historic town of Annapolis Royal.

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St Croix Cove Road, Port Lorne, B0S 1R0

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2015 $8,900 ---
2014 $17,800 ---
2013 $8,900 ---
2012 $8,700 ---


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