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This 2.92 acre property, with 261 feet of oceanfront, is located on Moshers Island. Moshers Island is part of the protected LaHave Island group. This “Boat Access Only” island enables you to enjoy the privacy you desire with easy access to the mainland in minutes. Moshers Island is only a few minutes from public boat launch points on the mainland, providing quick and easy year-round boat access. The island is a very exclusive location, offering protected shorelines for mooring and deep waters for offshore anchoring. As well, Moshers Island is very close in proximity to Cresent Beach, Risser’s Beach and is 30 minutes to the town of Lunenburg. Electrical power, internet, and telephone services are all offered on the island along with numerous fresh water drinking options. There is also a Coast Guard maintained lighthouse and a helicopter-landing pad on the east end of Moshers Island. This property, know as LOT 1, is untouched woodland and has a small shallow pond at the far end of the property. It is a favorable building site as it is slightly elevated to provide spectacular ocean views. Moshers Island is an opportunity of a lifetime. If you are looking for privacy and tranquility, this island is the perfect location for your oceanside retreat. The healing energy of Moshers Island will revitalize your spirit and soul. Owner has Island Building Experience and is able to assist with your Cottage or House Build if needed.

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Demographic data is based on the dissemination area that contains the listing parcel . Dissemination Areas are small areas composed of one or more neighbouring dissemination blocks. All of Canada is divided into dissemination areas. Data source: Environics Analytics via ArcGIS Online, 2017

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2018 $58,000 ---
2017 $58,000 ---
2016 $58,000 ---
2015 $58,000 29.7
2014 $82,500 ---
2013 $82,500 0.1
2012 $82,400 ---


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