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OWN YOUR OWN PENINSULA! Very Quiet! Very Private! On The Warmest Waters North Of The Carolinas. Located at the end of the short Semple Creek Rd. in Brule this beautiful piece of property includes 10.8 acres trimmed on three sides by approximately 1,850 feet of water frontage along the fog-free Brule Bay and Semple Creek. In its unique country aquatic setting, on the Northumberland Strait, this property has much to offer those of all ages in each season. Own your own wildlife habitat with spectacular seascapes! This pristine environment with its aquatic-tidal ecosystem includes some salt-marshland features with tidal pools and boasts an abundance of natural wildlife. It is a Birder's paradise annually featuring the most beautiful varieties of nesting ducks, and other water fowl, and shoreline birds; swallows, sand pipers and great blue herons, included. Besides common forest birds, on the interior of the property, and sea birds closer to the shorelines, the waters surrounding the property are home to otters, mink and beavers on the creek side while porpoises and mother seals with their new-born pups are found off shore on the bay sides. This property is also a safe haven for a variety of wildlife.A rich history of this land is evident in the fossils found along the beach as well as the amazing Acadian dykes on the property which run adjacent to Semple Creek. This property offers a multitude of possibilities for year round activity with its all season access, swimming, paddle boarding, snorkeling, windsurfing, water-skiing, sailing, etc in these warm waters. Launch a canoe, kayak or dory from anywhere on the property's shoreline or place a dock on the creek side to moor a motorized boat or moor a sail boat off shore. In winter snow shoe or cross-country ski atop the frozen Brule Bay or on the property's looping trails. These trails are beautiful in each season as this property boasts a natural variety of mature trees: oak, maple, birch, fir, spruce, sumac, and poplar.

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Demographic data is based on the dissemination area that contains the listing parcel . Dissemination Areas are small areas composed of one or more neighbouring dissemination blocks. All of Canada is divided into dissemination areas. Data source: Environics Analytics via ArcGIS Online, 2017

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Year Amount % Change
2018 $17,800 ---
2017 $17,800 ---
2016 $17,800 ---
2015 $17,800 50.0
2014 $35,600 123.9
2013 $15,900 8.2
2012 $14,700 ---


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