Zen Zhang

Zen                                                Zhang

Zen Zhang


Zen has a background in real estate and was a distinguished REALTOR®️ in China, providing service in both English and Mandarin. She takes pride in servicing her clients by delivering exceptional service and establishing lifelong relationships.

No transaction is ever a one-and-done deal, forging long-term client relationships is at the core of Zen's approach. Zen believes that anything can be achieved through dedication, hard work and tenacity.

Zen graduated from NSCAD with a master’s degree in interdisciplinary design and worked in the design, marketing, banking, auto sales, customer service and real estate industries for more than 6 years. Zen has a proven record of directly impacting her client’s financial success and stress-free transactions by applying refined selling and negotiation talents. 

In her spare time, Zen can be found hiking, fishing, camping and playing squash, as well as painting and designing.

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