Ryan Hartlen

Ryan                                               Hartlen

Ryan Hartlen


Born and raised (& still living) in the Fletcher's Lake area. I love Nova Scotia - I'm a firm believer it offers everything anyone can ask for; affordable housing, culture, entertainment, community, natural attractions (& all said, the traffic is pretty reasonable) 

Licensed as a salesperson in 2004 and as a Broker in 2010, I have supervised several hundred transactions. Residential, multi-unit, commercial, leasing - all similar yet every situation is different. I have sat on many industry related committees including technology, MLS, education, licensing, and Chair of the NSAR Broker Council.  

When I'm not attached to my phone or laptop, I have a wife and a son that I love spending time with. Usually biking, playing with trucks, road hockey, or jumping in puddles. I otherwise enjoy spending downtime in the great outdoors. Camping, cycling, backpacking, canoeing - anything where there's fresh air & quiet. Kejimkujik is a favourite. I'm a Philadelphia Flyers fan - don't hold it against me. 

If you're reading this perhaps you're doing a little research - perhaps someone has mentioned our Brokerage or my name to you. The offer is open to reach out - as good as online can be phone calls and face to face meetings still work well too :)

RE/MAX has always been more than selling homes. We believe in giving back to the community. RE/MAX Offices consist of full-time real estate professionals, who live, work and give back to the community in which they serve everyday.

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