Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer                                           Morrison

Jennifer Morrison

Managing Asc Broker

Licensed since 2004, Jennifer has been a talent scout, recruiter and Managing Associate Broker for the past 14 years. In addition to recruiting and managing, Jennifer has been an active volunteer at both the NSAR and NSREC sitting on various committees such as Professional Standards, Conduct Review, and Bursary Committee as well as Licensing Committee at NSREC. As a former school teacher, she understands the value of ongoing education & training and how they are both key factors to an agent's success in the ever- changing world of real estate.Ā 
In addition to her passion for real estate, Jennifer is a wife, mom of two children attending Dalhousie University, and an animal rescuer working with various rescues in the local area. Both Jennifer and her husband are originally from Cape Breton and are active members in their Dartmouth community.

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