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No 321 Highway, Roslin

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Waterfront enthusiasts, how does the river sound? what if you could have over 1200 feet on the River Philip? Boating, swimming, fishing. The uniqueness of this property bears consideration. The property is on River Phillip, a tidal river with excellent recreational value. The 1200 ft of shoreline is sided with an easy-to-scale ten foot bank. This ensures that the property itself is safe from storm surges and rising sea levels, yet provides easy access to the water and maintains the magic of tidal rhythms and ocean moods. The mature mixed hardwood/softwood woodland is bordered on the east by a stretch of grassland, providing an ideal location for more than enough solar panels to make a home completely energy self-sufficient. As well, Nova Scotia is one of the most favourable regions in North America for wind power. The grassland has provided abundant grazing for decades and recent owners farmed organically for almost 20 years so along with the solar panels, there is the potential for a productive garden. But the best is this: the south end of the property has a grassy slope into which an earth-sheltered home could be built. The home would look north, along, rather than across the river, giving an unobstructed river view that extends out for a mile. An earth-sheltered home is significantly more resilient to the fires and hurricanes that are becoming more and more frequent and violent. And a little known additional benefit is that they offer valuable shielding from electromagnetic radiation which has now been recognized as an increasing health issue. No, the property does not provide the infinite expanse of an ocean view, but neither does it have all the increasing threats that ocean views are now, and increasingly, subject too. If you are looking for a beautiful waterfront property where you can create a safe, self-sufficient home, then this one is worth considering.

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No 321 Highway, Roslin, B0K 1K0

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