Bing                                               Wan

Bing Wan

Sales Person

My name is Bing, Wan, you can call me Isabel. I speak Mandarin and English and can offer you Mandarin language service.
您好,我是 万冰,也可以叫我Isabel。 我来自海边城市青岛,哈法的很多地方和青岛很类似,是个适合生活居住的城市。我会说普通话和英语,可以为您提供普通话服务。真诚,细节,贴心的服务,您的满意是我的工作目标。希望能够帮您在这里找到理想的家园。 如有任何需要,请联系我。

I am originally come from Qingdao,China. I came to Halifax with my family. My husband is German originally, and I have 2 sons, so my family is bit international.  Halifax is a city which is quite similar like my hometown in China -Qingdao, a city next to the sea , medium size city, which also has nice nature view, tourist place in summer, fresh beer, sea food, so Halifax for me is quite familiar at beginning.

I started my first job since 1996, but during those years working time, I also found free time for continuing study.
I had various jobs before, and also worked in several multinational companies. My job involves Adm., Interpreter, GM Assistant, Sales Assistant, Exporting Sales and Dept Manager, etc. when I was at at different companies.
In 2011, I had chance to Australia to study postgraduate in Business management, this experience mostly broadens my visions, which benefit lot my future jobs or career.
Later on, I had my own trading business, exporting some products, like nail beauty products. After a few years' success, I helped my husband in setting up his company in medical device area and finally became Deputy manager to assist to manage the company (like in Adm, Sales, exporting, purchase, etc).  

Keep on learning and challenge myself to reach from one level to another level, from one target to another higher target make me feel life is more meaningful and interesting. Lifelong learning is what I believe.

Real estate industry is always the area I am interested in, after long time thinking or watching, I think its time to act but not just think. So finally, I came here and join the Remax team.

I describe myself as an easy going, responsible, trustworthy and reliable person. From the work aspect, most of my clients are all highly appreciated my work . I think I am kind of efficient and hardworking person, always try to achieve the best result to myself and also my customers, I am also more detail and perfectionist person.

I like house&home design, when I find free time, I always like to watch some TV programs or magazine related to that. My hobby is sports(badminton, swimming,running,etc), painting, travelling.

House can not only be house in emotional point of view, its a place can bring you warmth and good feeling, and finally it become your" Home". To help the other finally find their ideal house and happiness, I think it will be a pleasure and nice thing to do. I would be happy to assist you to realize that!